Aveline (Lost Vegas Book 1)

In post-apocalyptic America, five hundred years in the future, famine, war, and chaos have created a hell on earth. Outside the isolated city of Lost Vegas, violent skirmishes among the Native Americans – who have retaken their ancestral lands – claim lives by day, while ancient predators awakened during the Age of Darkness hunt humans by night. Inside the city, criminals, the impoverished, and the deformed are burned at the stake weekly.

Among those ruthless enough to survive is seventeen-year-old Aveline, a street rat skilled in fighting whose father runs the criminal underworld. On the night of her father’s unexpected death, a stranger offers to pay off her father’s debts, if she agrees to become the guardian of Tiana Hanover, the daughter of the most powerful man in Lost Vegas. Caught between her father’s debtors and his enemies, Aveline reluctantly accepts.


Expecting a pampered princess, Aveline soon discovers sheltered, sweet Tiana is little more than a slave – and harboring a secret the wealthy Hanover’s will kill to keep. Little does she know that her fate, and Tiana’s, have been bound since long before they met.


Will Aveline’s street smarts be enough to keep them both alive?

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Real-time Reviews

Must have more
By Marsha Jeanne Thalleen (5.0 out of 5 stars) on October 18, 2016
Wow. This sweet little cover opens up to a complicated tale of lies, murder, magic, and intrigue. Aveline by Lizzy Ford caught me completely off guard, in the best possible way. The story is well mapped, and well executed. I am completely invested in all of these characters.

Jumping right in!
By mapleleafmanny (5.0 out of 5 stars) on September 30, 2016
There are some books that take a few chapters to set up the characters; not this one and it doesn't need to. The story starts right off and you learn about the characters as they go through the challenges. It works this way though since you slowly learn about the history and various characters. Like Aveline, you take knowledge passed on to you as truth and with her go through the emotions as you realize things aren't as they seem. Great read!

Dystopian books are some of my favorites and I'm thankful that Aveline did not disappoint. The characters are all really interes
By Cass (4.0 out of 5 stars) on January 15, 2017
ARC kindly provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.Dystopian books are some of my favorites and I'm thankful that Aveline did not disappoint. The characters are all really interesting, the world building is done in such a way that it doesn't interrupt the story, and I'm dying to read more!On to Tiana now!

Great new series!
By Denise E Wengert (4.0 out of 5 stars) on December 10, 2016
I'm a huge fan of Lizzy Ford and have read multiple books by her so I was definitely looking forward to this new series. This series takes place in the post apocalyptic world in Las Vegas (now termed "Lost Vegas"). Aveline's father has just died and she will be sold if she can't pay off his debts. Luckily this mysterious man offers to pay all debts if she becomes a guardian to someone. Not knowing what to expect, she takes the job. She's protecting Tiana Hanover, the daughter of the ruler. Both harboring secrets, they soon realize that they were always supposed to meet.Great start to a new series that I cant wait to read. Characters are fantastic, I like how there are LGBT characters in the book, and it's a different kind of book. Definitely recommend reading!

I like all off them including Matilda
By gordonpatrrick (5.0 out of 5 stars) on November 24, 2016
The book takes place in a post apocalyptic word. Aveline has just lost her father and she must decide whether she will let fate take its course and end up in a brothel, or take on an assignment from a mysterious person. Her assignment puts her directly in the presence of the most powerful family, the Hanovers, who are hiding a secret. The characters are very interesting. I like all off them including Matilda. I like that fact that there is an LGBT characters in the book. I am very curious to see were the story develops.

I really enjoyed it and the sequel
By Sandy M (4.0 out of 5 stars) on November 14, 2016
I am huge Fan of Lizzy Ford. I just got this book and I was looking for something different to read while not overly heavy or stressful. I thought this book fit my request. I really liked it and I liked the character of Aveline and the other characters. I have now read both books in this series and I am eagerly awaiting books 3 and 4. This is a post apocalyptic setting without out alot of the monsters and grey landscape of the other post apocalyptic books I have read. I liked the character and I loved the touch of magic. If you have not read any other books by Lizzy you will know she is a very prolific writer that does alot of magic with her characters. If you want a good read, easy to get into and very entertaining I highly recommend this book and also book Two, Tiana, in the series.

Interesting read!
By All About Books (victoria stolte) (5.0 out of 5 stars) on November 13, 2016
I always love the worlds and stories Lizzy creates for us but this one has to be one of my fave series starters to date. It starts a little slow as we get to know the story and characters but takes off in no time and gets really good! This story is very interesting from the start and keeps going at a great pace and throughout you will be wondering what direction the series will take. I find the characters intriguing and the way everything intricately falls into place you wonder if maybe there are other forces that had been put into place long before Aveline's story comes into play. Over all this one will be great for most ages and will keep you interested and leave you craving more...

Ended Up Liking!
By stacers13 (4.0 out of 5 stars) on October 28, 2016
I received an ARC of Aveline in exchange for an honest review. I really wanted to love this book (because hello, Lizzy Ford) but it was slow-going. The characters, and storyline, didn't connect for me until about three quarters of the way through. When I finally wanted more I was done, but I did want more - bring on Book 2!

together with her best friend Rocky
By Alex_K (5.0 out of 5 stars) on October 27, 2016
Lost Vegas, 500 years after the Old World, Aveline mourns the death of her father, the leader of the assassination group "The Guilt". She feels not safe and, together with her best friend Rocky, decides to run to find a safer place until the city calmed down and she can come back to take her rightful place in society. Nothing goes as planned and Aveline is captured and taken to one of the many brothels in town. There is only one thing she can do to get away from this place and that is to make a deal with a stranger, offering her a job. She has to make sure that Tiana, the daughter of Lost Vegas's powerful leader, is not assassinated. This job proves more difficult than Aveline initially thought, with a stepmother willing to get rid of an unwanted child, a father not wanting to lose his position for a daughter and an unknown numbers of jealous members of other wealthy families wanting to be the next leader.I really enjoyed this story and couldn't put it down. From the first chapter I was captivated by the story building and the well written story line. I felt with Aveline and towards the end I wasn't sure anymore whom to trust. My heart went out to Tiana and how she managed to survive a abusing stepmother and an absent father. Five stars from me and I highly recommend this book to anyone loving books with a strong heroine and a lot of action.