Trial by Thrall (Trial Series Book 2)

After the shock of her first trial, Leslie believes she can handle anything, including turning into a magic elf or whatever the fae really are. But the differences between alpha werewolf Ben and Tristan – the enigmatic leader of the fae, whose abs and sexual prowess are the stuff of dreams – soon have her wading into new supernatural waters. Guarded where Ben was assertive, Tristan is hard to understand and even harder to predict. The most unnerving part: he’s empathic. He can read every tiny little emotion she experiences.

Such as … betrayal. The Book of Secrets has revealed a truth that leaves her questioning everything – and everyone – she’s ever known. Something far worse than the Trials, and more frustrating than Tristan forbidding her from using her temporary fae magic to save an entire generation of his people.

The more she learns from Tristan and the Book, the less certain she becomes of her own world, and she begins to resent the Kingmaker magic that ensures she’s only fae for a week.

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Real-time Reviews

Love twist
By nicole bailey (5.0 out of 5 stars) on December 4, 2015
This book keeps you on your toes!!!! Every time you think you know what will happen bam it has a twist !!!! Highly recommended this series

...i felt like the story was missing
By Kindle Customer (3.0 out of 5 stars) on February 17, 2017
I quite enjoyed the first book and well enough to consider buying this one. I was hesitant at first because I generally avoid books with less than 200 pages, especially ones not included with my kindle unlimited membership. In the end I just decided to go for it. Overall, I liked the book. "Liked" was as far as I could get really. This one didn't particularly draw me in. I mostly felt like I was drowning in a swirling river of ignorant teenage emotions. It was just all over the place and repetitive. Between that and the amount of sex scenes, I feel like I missed out on the story itself... short as it was.

Couldn't put it down!
By DWhit (5.0 out of 5 stars) on March 13, 2017
Leslie is on her second trial in this book with Tristan, a fae. This journey is completely different from her first. She finds out that each person has a task they have to complete w/o her knowing. Tristan is full of magic and empathy. As Leslie finds out more information from the book of secrets, she is torn by what she may have to do. This story is full of surprises and had me captivated from the start! Loved it! Can't wait to read #3 next!

The story picks up right after the first one ends and I found that I like this one much better than the first
By Jessica (4.0 out of 5 stars) on February 17, 2017
Trial by Thrall is the second book of a four part series. The story picks up right after the first one ends and I found that I like this one much better than the first. You can see that the author has grown somewhat; although it still irks me that she continuously uses the same two words to refer to the lower anatomical parts of our characters. With that said, however, the story progresses well and more secrets about the Trials come forth making you once again second guess everything you already know. It definitely captivated my interest enough to warrant purchasing the third book.

Once Again Dazzled By Lizzy Ford!!!
By Elizabeth (5.0 out of 5 stars) on January 27, 2017
Leslie believes she can handle anything even turning into a fae. After the shock of her first trial with Alpha werewolf Ben who is guarded and assertive. Tristan the enigmatic Fae leader is even harder to understand, and whats worse he is empathetic. So he can read every single little emotion she has. The book of secrets reveals a truth which has Leslie questioning everything and every she has ever know. There is something far worse then the trials . The more Leslie learns from the book on Tristan, she becomes less certain of her own world. Leslie also begins to resent the Kingmaker magic that week. Now to find what lies ahead for Leslie as fae for a week pick up your copy today! I can't wait to see what the third installment of Trial series has in store for Leslie.

I was wondering how Lizzy was going to make me like another man
By BayliBooks (4.0 out of 5 stars) on January 12, 2017
This is the second book in the Trial Series. They should not be read as standalones.In Trial by Thrall, Leslie is forced into her second mating... This time with the enTHRALLing fae, Tristan. He's the leader of the faes and nearly the exact opposite of Leslie's first mate, the werewolf, Ben. (though still a hottie with a banging body).This book was slightly shorter than the first, but I didn't feel anything was missing or lacking. In fact, I was wondering how Lizzy was going to make me like another man, despite loving Ben from the first book. Yet, I'm kind of falling for Mr. Tall, Blonde and Gorgeous, Tristan.His connection to Leslie, the mate between faes, is something quite different than the mating between werewolves. Where Leslie and Ben were animalistic and passionately aggressive, Tristan and Leslie are deeply connect by their very souls. It's interesting to see how different Leslie is, and what she learns about herself and being the Kingmaker, by being with each individual mate.Leslie is basically going into each trial blind and because of that is always somersaulted around in some way. This trial was no different.I thoroughly enjoyed the fae people, but like Leslie, I'm anxious to see what is to happen next.When going into this story, be prepared to not have any real answers... I have a feeling those don't come until the very last book ;)Now on to the vampire!!!!

Five Stars
By kathawke (5.0 out of 5 stars) on January 6, 2017

I am absolutely addicted to this series!!!
By J_Madre (4.0 out of 5 stars) on January 6, 2017
Again, I absolutely love this series. I can barely set it down!!! The one thing I have a hard time with, are the sex scenes. Don't get me wrong, I normally love sex scenes in the books I read. My complaint is the words the author uses. I find them demeaning to both parties. Written right, a sex scene can get you all hot and bothered. I feel nothing with these once the crass words begin, it totally ruins it for me!!! However, I am not letting that stop me from reading this series!!! I intend to check out her other books when done with this series! Liszt Ford is most definitely in my top ten favorite authors!!!

Just as good as book #1.
By C. H. Milbert (5.0 out of 5 stars) on January 3, 2017
The author has you the minute you start book #2. I love how she became one with her fa e. The story was sad about their clan. Similar to the wolves. Each group dealing with their own issues. I rarely go on to buy the continuing books after getting the first one free so you know the author did a GREAT job holding MY attention.