Xander’s Chance

A continuation of the “War of Gods” saga …

The most powerful vampire on the planet meets his match in Jessi, a woman immune to his magick – and his charm.

As the single-most powerful vampire on the planet, Xander is the ultimate bored predator with too much time on his hands. He manipulates the minds of immortals for fun and bullies around the Gods, while guarding the secret source of his power, a crystal that can wipe out the planet. But beneath the surface, he’s a shrewd creature who learned the brutal lesson of why there must be a balance between good and evil. An unwilling protector of the playthings known as humans, he knows when and where to use his power – and never to let anyone close enough to betray him. It’s easy to do, since he has the power to read the minds of everyone around him.

Except for one: Jessi, an innocent looking woman with an unusual talent who shows up unexpectedly in his life. Her sudden appearance is too convenient to be coincidence or chance. Xander determines quickly that she was sent by someone, but he can’t read her mind to discover why.

Jessi’s secret – and Xander’s – have the power to forever change the human world. Intrigued by a new sort of challenge, Xander won’t know how much danger he’s in, until he’s placed his fate in the hands of a woman whose betrayal will cost either his heart or his life.

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Real-time Reviews

Got to love this book!
By Amazon Customer (5.0 out of 5 stars) on July 7, 2015
I loved this story. You can't not love Xander! The story made me laugh and fall with Xander and jessi. If you've read any of the other books this will definitely become a huge favorite.

I enjoyed it a lot
By SweetSASass (4.0 out of 5 stars) on July 30, 2013
I enjoyed it a lot, but sometimes it felt choppy to me. I still reread it every few months so its not that big a thing!I can't wait to read about Johnny.

By Annie (5.0 out of 5 stars) on February 19, 2017
Another amazing book from one of the most fabulous authors. The characters and story line is captivating. I highly recommend this book.

Xander my newest book crush.......
By Ann Marie (5.0 out of 5 stars) on February 16, 2016
A sexy Vampire, some interesting characters, a sad goodbye and a world that is pretty damn cool! This is what you will get when you read Xander's Chance! Xander the sexy first original vampire, this character is giving my Darkyn a run for his money! But Xander, *sighs…...he doesn’t have it easy, nor is he an easy guy to like at first. KEEP READING! You will love him! I know it! I mean you have too!!! He is a vampire, he is sexy, he is dominating and he…... well….he’s a vampire! lol (kidding) But seriously, Lizzy is always able to grab her readers and immerse them in her worlds so easily. I found myself gripping the tablet and not wanting to go to bed when I should. Xander, he made me laugh, made me want him! (lol) also made me go awwwww…..so you get a great mix with him. Jessie….the lead female character. I love her!! She is sassy, she is protective and she takes no crap from Xander. She also has special talents, and they are soo cool! I love that Xander can’t get to her the way he does everyone else! (READ IT!!) Their story is an interesting one and the entire time I was reading I was smiling. The banter that goes on between these two cracks me up. I love how she drives him crazy and vice versa.Johnny, now this guy wait till you meet him! I really do not like him in this book. But maybe in book two he can change my mind. We will see. Happy reading!!

A dark heartfelt love of all time
By P. Beach (5.0 out of 5 stars) on September 6, 2015
If you are not a Lizzy Ford fan you will be from the very first page of this book Xanders Choice, Ive read the entire collection and although I have my favs which is all of them, the Underworld and Xanders Choice are the darkest heartwarming love stories of all time. You can not go wrong because Lizzy Ford is one of the most unique authors Ive had the pleasure of reading.I love every book Lizzy Ford has ever written, this series is Epic and at a level of awesome that cllimbs above the clouds. I recommend this book and the entire collection.

The Originals Are Back
By H.A.Lynn (5.0 out of 5 stars) on July 7, 2015
I'm loving Xander's character, and the fact that Lizzy decided to continue to write about the Gods and Originals that we fell in love with previously. I actually enjoyed this spin-off more than I did the original series, mainly because it was a little easier for me to follow the characters in this book . I almost feel like I should go back and read the previous books to brush up on the background of the characters again to catch all the references and remind myself of who some of the characters are....read the rest of my review on lynnook.weebly.com

Jessi is definitely my favorite Ford character
By Victoria Cameron (5.0 out of 5 stars) on June 25, 2015
After having read 99% of Ford's books, I have my share of favorites. But this book just blew me out of the water. This book has the most witty and entertaining dialogue I have ever read! I've never laughed so much while reading a book. Jessi is definitely my favorite Ford character. She's smart, quick-witted, and strong. Xander is also fascinating. The introduction with his past is great, and sets the stage for his character. Every detail in this book either fascinated or made me laugh. Whether or not you've read War of Gods, the series preceeding this one, you won't be confused. Ford sets this up nicely. This is now my absolute favorite of all of her books!

Loved it!
By Manon Boudreau (5.0 out of 5 stars) on June 11, 2015
Loved this book! I've read many of her titles and she's an amazing writer. Love her stories. This one is one of my favorite. Awesome read.

Great collection of Lizzy's first in series books!
By TJ (5.0 out of 5 stars) on May 24, 2015
First Books by Lizzy Ford5 starsWhat a great collection of Lizzy's first of series books!Charred Heart: Dragons and their mates, talk about heating up the story! This story did NOT disappoint! I enjoyed the push and pull of the two main characters as they started discovering what their chemistry together was. Chace and Skylar have only begun to develop their relationship outside of the intense physical pull they have. The blend of them together feeling the connection they have, yet not understanding it either leaves so much room for more to develop between them in future books. Lizzy once again has started a series that I can't wait to completely finish!Katie's Hellion: Loved this book! (proper review to come soon)Damian's Oracle: I loved this book!The love story that has started between Damian and Sofia has got so much potential, I really enjoy them as a couple. I like that neither of them are so lovesick that they just give in to the other. It was good that they did not just fall in love immediately because of the blood bond, and get all sappy with each other.The good vs. evil basis of the book, neither the White God or the Black God can die without something even worse happening leaves to many opportunities for twists and turns in the story.I am anxious to read the rest of the series. and see where this will go!Semper Mine: I absolutely LOVED this book! This is my favorite Lizzy Ford book so far! Sawyer and Katya are so opposite each other, and have so much inner fire. Katya's emotions are worn on her sleeve, raw and blatant. Sawyers emotions are controlled in hidden. Together they are a completely explosive couple with insane chemistry. I loved the way each of them were written, and the way their love story unfolded. I was hoping this would be a series when I was only half-way through, and was happy to see at the end that more books are planned. I will be anxiously waiting for the next book! Great writing Lizzy!West: I like the sci-fi feel of time travel stories. This one really sucked me in! Josie adapted very quickly to the time and place she'd been sent to. The challenges she faced right from the start she managed to jump into right with both feet with a determination I don't think most people could handle. I liked how Josie developed relationships with all those that she was able to draw close to. I liked what was developing with Taylor. I hope that in subsequent books that Josie gets her happily ever after, even if she doesn't know what that is yet. Lizzy sucked me into her time-travel worldGabriel's Hope: Gabriel, now Death, struggles with all his new responsibilities, can't understand why things are falling apart, and what exactly he has to do to fix everything. He loved 'past-death', and falls for someone new. Diedre is on a bucket-list journey as a result of her incurable brain tumor. When she falls for Gabriel her life begins a series of very drastic changes. Neither of them could have anticipated all that would come for them individually or together. Their journey is difficult, their chemistry is fantastic, without being ridiculously hot too fast. I loved this continuation of the story and the inclusion of previous important characters from past books. I could reread this story once a year happily.Hear No: Stories with Archangels, Angels, Guardian Angels, Fallen Guardian Angels, Archdemons, Demons, Spirit Guides, can go all wrong or really right. I think this story is going really right, I am intrigued by the characters and the path this story is taking.Kiera's Moon: This was nothing like what I expected, but in a good way. I enjoyed the twists and turns as Kiera learned more about her destiny. I can't wait to see what happens with her and A'Ran next.Xander's Chance: I really really enjoyed this book! (proper review to come soon)