Seventh episode of “Omega Beginnings.” SHORT story (7,000-ish words)

A wealthy, ambitious man who grew up under the thumb of his abusive father, Cleon reacts to news of his father’s death with relief. His joy is short lived, for soon after, a high ranking politician visits him to deliver a message. Either Cleon leaves politics or he’ll be publically revealed as the person who planned his father’s murder. Cleon begins to realize his father wasn’t the only monster in the world and is faced with a challenge. Dare he risk everything by trying to outsmart the man blackmailing him? Does he have what it takes to follow in his father’s footsteps?

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Real-time Reviews

By Honeybuns (4.0 out of 5 stars) on May 1, 2016
Surprisingly I actually enjoyed Cleons mini series. I felt like it didn't get enough info to his back ground but I will admit I look forward to learning more about him and his development

By CRISSY (4.0 out of 5 stars) on August 18, 2015
Cleon and his siblings feared their father and now that Cleon’s father is dead Cleon decides to put the same fear in his siblings; either it’s his way or no way at all. However, things don’t go exactly as planned. These short stories have a way of hooking you and keeping you wanting more. They are short but there is never a dull moment. Cleon is definitely an interesting character. I’m excited to read what happens next.

Five Stars
By ABookFiend (5.0 out of 5 stars) on July 14, 2016 these books.

May I have some more?
By Amazon Customer (5.0 out of 5 stars) on July 13, 2016
This is such a great take on this style of story. I adore the characters... even the ones I shouldn't. The story is unfolding and I cannot wait to see where it goes.

Overshadowed No Longer
By Nocturnus (5.0 out of 5 stars) on June 8, 2016
This series must be read in order. The first book is Alessandra. The second book is Mismatch. The third book is Phoibe. The fourth book is Lantos. The fifth book is Theodocia. The sixth book is Niko. This is the seventh book. I can't wait to read Herakles!Cleon is (unfortunately) still afraid of his now dead father. You would think that once the sadistic monster dies the panic attacks would stop... Sadly it is not that easy to overcome years of torture and abuse. Why didn't Niko stick to the plan? Is he going to be implicated in the murder of his father? Will he be able to neutralize his siblings or will he be forced to commit Fratricide as well as Patricide? Will he be able to take over his father's position as Vice Magistrate?

get it, part of omega series
By Sandy M (4.0 out of 5 stars) on May 27, 2016
I am a huge Lizzy Ford fan, I highly recommend this series and anything else that Lizzy has written, this is very imaginative. This is a short story part of larger series of short stories that lead up to a larger book. Great way to learn about the principle characters and their backgrounds. Highly recommend the whole Omega series.

Beware, Heartache Approaches
By Lizzie Malone (4.0 out of 5 stars) on May 1, 2016
Umm, what to say? To get a glimpse into the mind of a heartbroken and abused future tyrant, it is disturbing. But like an impending car crash, I cannot look away. Do not keep reading, if you cannot handle your heart being broken

Can't wait for Omega!
By Amazon247 (5.0 out of 5 stars) on February 4, 2016
I have been sucked into this series from the very first release. And, I'm afraid that I MUST get the first Omega release as well. Lizzy Ford has done a phenomenal job in setting up the Omega series. Although I am a fan of Lizzy Ford, I don't like everything she's put out - I am a fan of maybe 75-80% of her stuff. But, when I like it, I REALLY like it. This falls into that REALLY LIKE IT category.

Great miniseries!
By Kim Johnson (5.0 out of 5 stars) on December 27, 2015
Loving this miniseries