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It’s Not Easy Being Good (#2, Supervillainess Duet)

It’s Not Easy Being Good (#2, Supervillainess Duet)

 Doctor Kimber Wellington has returned home to Chicago with nothing to his name, not even enough money for underwear. Accompanied by his adopted nanny, Igor, he’s convinced he’s hit rock bottom, and his year in Sand City was a delusion of some sort.

Until he hears the city wants him back. Not as a physician – but as a superhero. Unable to forgive himself for his past mistakes, and convinced no one else who knows the truth about him will want him around, he nonetheless returns to Sand City for the sake of those he cares about. 

His newest challenge: allowing himself to become the man he needs to be in order to heal the city and win over the beautiful supervillainess running it. 

If anyone can do it, the Doctor can. All he needs is a cape and a little help from his sidekicks.

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