Ghostwriting Service by Lizzy Ford


Now you can hire Lizzy Ford to ghostwrite! Currently limited to manuscripts under 45,000 words (novella-length or smaller). Lizzy Ford has experience writing YA, NA, and Adult romance (to include multiple sub-genres and erotica/BDSM), suspense, fantasy (high and low), science fiction and others. Experience writing in whichever POV is trending: First person (past or present) and third person (omniscient or ‘deep’); single POVs or multiple in the story. She offers several different writing voices as well that range from action-oriented, dialogue heavy styles to the more flowery high fantasy and young adult styles of writing and anything in between.

Please note: Slots are extremely limited, and Lizzy chooses what projects to take on based on two factors: if she feels she’ll be able to give you an awesome story and secondly, if it sounds fun or challenging! Yes, you CAN reserve a spot for later on this year. Blackout months for 2014 where this service won’t be available: May and August.

How it works: You provide a summary of what you want, as detailed or generic as you’d like. You can provide a storyline, character names/profiles, setting, etc., or simply provide a genre and vague idea (for example, “I want a high school vampire book in Washington DC!”) Lizzy will commence writing at an agreed upon date and deliver two drafts: an initial one for you to read and provide feedback, then a final draft incorporating your feedback. Further revisions can be made for an additional charge. Final manuscripts are delivered in a .docx file (MS Word) and are considered final drafts, meaning you are responsible for the copyediting.

Turn around time for receiving the first draft: Two weeks for short stories, novelettes, and serials. Three weeks for novellas. Again, slots are limited, and we expect 2014 to fill up very quickly. You can always reserve a spot for any time in 2015.