Theta (Omega Series Book 2)  by Lizzy Ford

Theta (Omega Series Book 2)

The world ends in four months. Alessandra can stop it – but she can’t do it alone.

The mind of Alessandra, the Oracle of Delphi, is under the control of the Supreme Magistrate, a brilliant politician determined to use her goddess-like powers to conquer deities and humans alike. With her thoughts and powers compromised, she begins to question her ability to stop the apocalyptic future revealed to her in cryptic visions – and who her enemy really is.

Outside of Washington DC, the fight for survival hinders the Silent Queen’s ability to launch her attack against the political elite and the gods as quickly as planned. An unlikely ally saves her life – but it’s the emergence of the Bloodline’s hereditary curse that warns her she may not survive long enough to start the war she’s spent her life preparing for.

The Grotesque Prince, Adonis, has spent his life being defined by others. On a journey of self-discovery mandated by the goddess Artemis, he returns to the lands he once ruled, four thousand years ago. Instead of uncovering the object Artemis tasked him to find, Adonis’ quest leads him to a mysterious figure possessed by much more than answers.

Suggested reading order:
Omega Beginnings Miniseries
Omega (#1)
Theta Beginnings Miniseries
Theta (#2)
Alpha Beginnings Miniseries (2017)
Alpha (2017)

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Real-time Reviews

A powerful Oracle
By Mali Carmichael (3.0 out of 5 stars) on August 30, 2016
This book is supposed to be about a powerful Oracle, yet she doesn't use her power on the people who are using her for their own ends, she more like a powerless idiot

By Marsha Jeanne Thalleen (5.0 out of 5 stars) on July 27, 2017
Theta by Lizzy Ford is a well planned out look at gods and goddesses in today's time. I love all these characters and have enjoyed watching them, and their interactions, change as time passes. Now, there is only a small protected space surrounding DC, and the Oracle has seen the futures. There is just so much going on at each time. A real joy to read. There is a cliffy, of course, but it is worth the read.

Good Series
By Clarevoyant (5.0 out of 5 stars) on July 27, 2017
Read the series, highly recommend for not too serious reading.

Good grief!
By myoshia meralla (5.0 out of 5 stars) on December 27, 2016
She leaves you on the edge to wait for the next ! Can't wait for the next installment of the series!

So many layers to the characters
By mapleleafmanny (5.0 out of 5 stars) on December 25, 2016
Great continuation to the series. The thing that makes this series so awesome is the layers that surround every character. This is one of those stories where you never know who to root for because like a mystery novel, you constantly learn new things. Definite must read and can't wait for the next one!

4.5 Stars!
By Mindy Lou's Book Reviews (4.0 out of 5 stars) on December 23, 2016
You must read book 1, Omega, first. Theta starts right where Omega left off. This story is crazy creative! I'm hooked and spent most of this book going crazy. We follow along with several characters, but the main character, Alessandra, has to figure out all the pieces to the puzzle to save humanity. There are so many characters at play and most are pulling Alessandra in different directions. She must determine who to trust, if she can trust anyone. She has visions of the future that just creates more questions and one wrong move could be everyone's destruction. Theta does not end, it stops right at a crucial moment and will pick back up with the third book in the series. I really had to concentrate with this book. There is just so many clues and I'm struggling right along with Alessandra trying to figure everything out. This will be a good series to read a second time after knowing the end. I would love to go back and see what stands out! ARC provided by NetGalley.

Good book
By Amazon player (4.0 out of 5 stars) on December 10, 2016
Just stumbled on this series for free and now can't wait for the 3 book

great story, fantastic chracters
By Alex_K (5.0 out of 5 stars) on December 8, 2016
If you, like me, love Greek mythology than the Omega series is a must read. I enjoyed “Theta” just as much as “Omega”, the first book. The story begins two month after "Omega" ends and follows Alessandra on her way trying to save the world. She is coming into her powers but having Cleon inside her head makes it difficult to stop the war between gods and humans. Phoebe, the silent Queen, learns about a curse put on her family and that the secrets she has can turn people against her. And Mismatch goes back in time 4000 years to get more inside about his life and what happened then.I really like the story world Lizzy Ford has build and all the characters are fantastic, I might not like all of them, but that’s just like in real life. Now I can’t wait for “Alpha”, book 3 in the series. If you decide to read “Theta”, make sure you’ve read “Omega” , or you will be lost with “Theta”. And you will have missed out on a great book.

Lizzy Ford Wows Us Again! Can't Wait For Final Book, Alpha!
By Stephanie @ TeacherofYA (4.0 out of 5 stars) on December 2, 2016
Title: Theta (Omega #2)Author: Lizzy FordPublisher: Captured Press, 2016 (August 29)Genre: YA Dystopian, YA Fantasy, YA Mythology**I received an ARC of this book free from NetGalley and the publisher in exchange for an honest review. At the time of this review, the book is now available**My Review:I hate waiting this long in-between reading my books and writing my reviews, because the freshness of the book leaves my mind.Let me warn all of you that this is a sequel, so there will be mention of the first book in this review. I don't know if many of you have read Lizzy Ford's books, but she is a talented writer. I loved Omega and was bugging her about the release of the next one on Goodreads (well, not more than once, but I wanted to know when it was coming out!) I read the first one way back in March, before I started my blog. The last one, Alpha, won't be out until 2017, and I'll probably go crazy while waiting.In Omega, we meet Alessandra, a girl raised by Herakles in the forest. She's abducted and taken to Adonis, where she discovers she is the Oracle of Delphi. See, in this world, Greek gods are real and they have been responsible for the deaths of a large part of the human race. The humans want to return the world to the way it used to be: Greek gods where they belong and humans on Earth. But the bridge between worlds was closed by the last Oracle, supposedly to protect the human race. At least that's what Cecelia, the old Oracle, claims. Alessandra realizes that Adonis is also Mismatch, a grotesque (gargoyle) who flies the skies at night. She remembers her childhood and Mismatch being a large part of it, and she and Adonis start to fall for each other. But Cleon snatches her and finds a way to make Alessandra's powers become part of him. As an Oracle, she has the power to create and destroy, and she becomes Cleon's tool.Way good and way intense. My kind of story. Mythology, magic, and mayhem all set in a dystopian world. Awesome-sauce.In Theta, Alessandra's powers still have been hijacked by Cleon, the Supreme Magistrate. He becomes more powerful by the day. Meanwhile, the Silent Queen, a woman who believes strongly in the death of all gods, is working on eliminating Cleon and getting the gods to leave Earth. (You really got to read the first book, people. I'm not doing it any justice) Adonis searches for himself and finds Menalaus, an old man who remembers Adonis's ancestors and is part of his cursed bloodline. He too becomes a grotesque at night. They form a bond and Adonis becomes less of a monster. Alessandra pines for him, being cut off from the rest of the world by Cleon, but she fears she will be the death of him. One of the benefits to being an Oracle: prophecies of Adonis's death haunt her. She doesn't know who to trust, but it's definitely not Cleon...or is it? Can the one man who hijacked her mind and her powers actually be trying to save the human race? Will Adonis be able to save her? Where is Herakles, the man who is practically her father? All these questions and more will be answered in...Theta! (Cue suspenseful music)Is It Classroom-Appropriate?Yes, both books are, actually. The only problem with books like this in a classroom is that you have to read the whole series or else the ending is too abrupt. But the mythology tied in with the dystopian future tied in with the suspense: kids would love this. I think it could be used as a bridge for reading material outside the classroom. Maybe the premise could be used in writing responses? (They're called bell-ringers and they're a way to get kids to take an idea and write about it).If this series was a standalone, I would use it to integrate mythology in the classroom. Alas, it is not. So though it might not be something that one could apply to the curriculum, it is definitely something I would give a fan of mythology to read. Or even a fan of dystopian lit. No qualms about recommending books for outside pleasure reading or having a copy of the series in my personal school library/bookshelf. Once I have a classroom. 😉Age Range:I would say 12 and up. I could see sixth-graders enjoying this read. There's no swearing, no intimate love scenes (so far)'s pretty clean. And I like that for younger readers. It also has the complexities of a book for older readers: the events surrounding the upcoming apocalypse and the political treason and espionage make for a rich reading experience. I'll feel better once I can evaluate the series as a I'm waiting for a final assessment once I read Alpha. And the cool thing about Ford: she has written little novellas about each of the characters featured in the Omega/Theta world. If someone wants to read more about Adonis or the Silent Queen, the miniseries is free on Amazon. I picked up a copy of it so it can tide me over until Alpha comes out.End Result:I give Theta ★★★★☆. It was good but wasn't as exciting as Omega. I think a lot of second books in a trilogy are like that: you're in a suspended state, learning more about the plot but not getting enough to keep you sated. I enjoyed Theta but wanted more: I was impatient with the characters, frustrated with Adonis (why wasn't he at Alessandra's side? Though he had no idea what was going on, he was gone way too long in an intense situation), pissed at Lantos (whose side are you on, buddy??), and fed up with Cleon (are you the bad guy? If you are, why do I feel sympathy for you? Argh!)I'm sure it will be better when I finally read Alpha. But I'm going to have to wait...again.